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A company driven by its employee

Ababil Healthcare is a group of united individuals driven by passion, on a mission to help people live healthier lives and help make the health system work better for everyone via our hunger towards growth and knowledge. Our path to a Next-Generation Health System lies by connecting the needs of the caregivers and their patients with real-life integrated solutions. Our commitment towards developing the next-generation healthcare system lies by implementing a series of actionable, practical and timely solutions to deliver a better experience for patients and physicians alike. As a healthcare company, making care possible is what we do best by providing state of the art medical equipment. We have partnered with world-class medical equipment manufacturers to deliver the right medical products to Critical Care units like Operation Theatre, Intensive Care Unit, Cardiology and Homecare. We are bound by our values to work together every day to make better care possible for patients around India. All these are made possible by the will of Almighty god through our passionate employees.

The Captain

Mohammed Ibrahim A.M. is an accomplished and enthusiastic CEO of Ababil Healthcare with several years of experience in the healthcare industry. After completing his B.E graduation in the stream of Biomedical Engineering, he pursued his Post Graduation Diploma in Business Management from BIM,Trichy. Mohammed Ibrahim is also an Alumni of the Prestigious IIM Ahmedabad. He strives on delivering the best medical products, equipment and services to every nook and cranny of this world. Mohammed Ibrahim A.M believes that health is the major wealth for any individual or organization. With this moral philosophical mind, he runs his company with complete transparency and Ethics, making him an inspiration for his employees. His quality service and tailored solutions have gained him impeccable Trust towards his clients. He is not only a man of business intellect but also is an equestrian. His other hobbies include archery, martial arts and trekking, which showcases him as a different person filled with fun, adventure and excitement. With all these in place, his key motto is self-development. His aspiration for self-development, along with his passion for Management,has gained him the success that he was striving for.


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