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iQ® Blue Nasal Mask

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  • Sleepnet’s patented AIR°gel® technology
  • Custom Fit Technology
  • Clear Field of Vision
  • Quick-Release Headgear
  • Vented and Non-Vented Available

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  • Sleepnet’s iQ® Blue Nasal mask functions a copyrighted AIR°gel® cushion and a bendy shell with Custom Fit Technology to impart a foremost suit with greatest comfort. Contrary to masks with unyielding shells, iQ® Blue indisputably fits the contours of every face. Leak ports (vents) were fabricated into this mask, so a discrete outlet isn’t entailed.
  • Apart from dispensing utmost aid, Sleepnet’s patented AIR°gel® cuts back on skin irritation and strain elements to the bridge of your nose. Opposed to the varied gel products, AIR°gel® has distinguishing properties that permit the mask to seal with nominal stress.
  • Sleepnet solely offers masks that can be molded to the dimension of every face.  Each nasal AIR°gel® Mask provides the clear field of vision with the use of a forehead band to keep the mask upright. Patients can even watch television, read, or put on glasses whilst sporting their IQ® Blue Nasal Mask.
  • Lightweight, breathable headgear can effortlessly be taken off with one hand.IQ Blue is obtainable in both vented and non-vented designs to deal with homecare and hospital patients. It comes in an agreeable one-size design with Custom Fit Technology.

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5,200.00 5,162.00
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